jessalyn gilsig matthew morrison glee the substitute 320 'Glee' Jessalyn Gilsig on Gwyneth Paltrow, that jerk Will and a new love interestJessalyn Gilsig has high hopes for her much maligned “Glee” character: “It’s been a long, cold season for Terri, so it’s time she got some action.”

Well, the former Mrs. Schuester is back on the Tuesday, Nov. 16 episode thanks to her ex-husband Will‘s (Matthew Morrison) falling sick and needing some TLC.

“It’s one of those vulnerable times in your life when can only accept help from those who know you the best, and that’s Terri,” Gilsig tells Zap2it. “She comes to nurse him because she knows what he likes. What she does is this baby talk that he likes.

“It’s sweet. You see two lonely people reconnecting in an unexpected way. Their defenses are down, and I think that’s the first time we’ve ever really seen them that way.”

Terri and Will won’t spend all their time alone though. Another hot blonde, substitute teacher Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow), enters the scene. Watch the preview of “The Substitute” to see how Terri is less than pleased:

Despite her character’s hostility towards Holly, Gilsig has nothing but praise for the Oscar-winning guest star.

“Oh my gosh, she was amazing. She really, genuinely was,” gushes Gilsig. “She’s really a fan of the show, which is so nice. It’s really fun when somebody comes on the show when they work themselves into the fabric of it. She got the tone and the world of the show.”

Paltrow also impressed Gilsig with the effort she put into the musical numbers, like the “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella” mashup.

glee matthew morrison gwyneth paltrow 320 'Glee' Jessalyn Gilsig on Gwyneth Paltrow, that jerk Will and a new love interest“She was very honest about how hard everybody works, especially the kids, especially with all the musical numbers,” says Gilsig. “It was amazing. They were wet and they were cold but nobody complains about those numbers because who ever thought you’d grow up and splash around in puddles and sing songs?”

Holly’s presence, however, brings up an issue that Gilsig has had about the double standard applied to Terri and Will when it comes to their fidelity.

“I get it that Terri is not the most palatable person that you can know, but she’s certainly devoted to one man,” Gilsig points out. “She’s completely committed. But he has itchy feet and doesn’t seem to be able to work on a relationship, but he comes across as the most sympathetic character. She’s really committed to a true love, but he has a wandering eye.

“There must be a shortage of curly-haired men in Ohio,” she continues. “He gets all the ladies. It’s ridiculous. I’m really curious about how this episode is going to play because I can say definitively in this episode he’s a real jerk. I’m curious if once and for all America will see that. I’ll see what America says. I’m sure they’ll hate me still.”

jessalyn gilsig glee the substitute 320 'Glee' Jessalyn Gilsig on Gwyneth Paltrow, that jerk Will and a new love interestApparently, Terri gets a chance to move on though with a new love interest that the show’s producers have been promising. Gilsig hasn’t met the actor who’ll turn Terri’s head yet, but teases his identity.

“I’m really excited. They tell me once and for all that my new relationship is about to start,” she says. “I know who it is. He’s known. I’ve never met this person but I think he’s very funny and I think Terri and this gentleman would be kind of a cute pairing. He’s extremely handsome. I’m willing to make the sacrifice. “

Apparently, the guy in question is connected to the glee club world, so Terri will be pulled in as well, which of course means contact and conflicts with Will.

So does this gentleman have curly hair reminiscent of a certain ex-husband?

“No, I’m over that,” says Gilsig. “Straight hair. I’m over the curls, too high maintenance.”  

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