jessalyn gilsig glee s1 320 'Glee': Jessalyn Gilsig on Terri's friendship with Finn and her upcoming musical number with him and PuckIt’s been some time since we’ve seen good old Terri Schuester, but on this Tuesday’s (June 1) “Glee,” Will’s former wife returns.  

“She’s pretty despondent over the loss of her marriage and you’re going to see a more vulnerable side,” Jessalyn Gilsig tells Korbi TV

Don’t worry though, Terri hasn’t changed too much. “I’m really mean to Howard [Bamboo] still, so there’s always a little mean that comes out. There’s some people she can’t give up abusing.” 
The newest relationship in her life, however, will definitely give us a different perspective on the ex-Mrs. Schue. “I haven’t met my rebound dude,” Gilsig says. “All I have is my friendship with Finn, which is really sweet, and that’s kind of nice ’cause it’s Terri reconnecting with [the past],” she explains. “Because Finn is the age that Will was when she met him, she really sees Will in him and she feels very protective of that and sees it as an opportunity maybe to behave a little bit better.” 
But will there be a little Mary Kay Letourneau action happening between Terr and the teenage boy?
“Get your heads out of the gutter!,” Gilsig says. “So wrong.”
What she isn’t dismissing, though, is Terri’s chance to sing and even credits Korbi TV with helping to make that happen. “I [will be] part of a musical number with Mark [Salling, “Puck”] and Cory [Monteith, “Finn”] and that was so much fun. I actually considered returning my paycheck for that episode ’cause I had such a good time.” 
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