john stamos glee sexy 320 'Glee': John Stamos is back for a little 'Afternoon Delight' but it could be his lastAfter a noticeably long absence from the show, Dr. Carl, aka John
, returned to “Glee” for more than a mere mention in this week’s installment, appropriately titled ‘Sexy.’ John Stamos is sexy, make no mistakes (and it takes a Stamos to know a Stamos). Whether he’s rocking a bouffant and banging on the drums or stuck behind a student’s desk bemoaning his lack-of-sex-life, there’s no denying that Stamos has still got it.

Admittedly, we were somewhat disappointed to see that the real guest star of the episode was Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Holly Holiday – reprising her role to give the confused students (and teachers!) of McKinley High some much-needed sex ed.  In fact, one of the biggest shockers came when Dr. Carl requested Miss Holiday’s services for himself and his lovely bride Emma (Jayma Mays), because yes – after all this time they have yet to do the deed.  Poor Dr. Carl. Good thing Miss Holiday – not a real doctor, by the way – brought the issue to light, as it forced Emma to reveal her confused feelings regarding Mr. Shue (Matthew
), leaving Carl no choice but to head to the Radisson – signifying the likely end of their short-lived nuptials. We’ll say it again – poor Dr. Carl.  Let’s hope the Radisson offered room service.  

Despite the Stamos slim-pickings in “Sexy”, we’re once again turning to the
‘Stam-O-s Meter’ (I’ll get that patent one of these days) to judge Dr. Carl on
his brief, and maybe final appearance on “Glee.” 
And just in case this is, in fact, his last hurrah on the show, from one
Stamos to another, thanks for the memories John.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Stamos and his signature traits:

It wasn’t the stunning mullet from the Rocky Horror episode, but that bouffant had
shades of John Travolta in Grease and, yes, Uncle Jesse – so his hair was definitely stylin’ per

His first outfit, for the “Afternoon Delight” song with Emma, was, simply put,
hilarious. What was that tie? Was it a lady’s scarf?  Was he wearing a dickie? And those white pants! He’s lucky he can look good in just about anything… and fortunately we got to see the well-dressed Dr. Carl we know and love in his counseling session with Holly Holiday.

Sadly, this episode was lacking in the Dr. Carl one-liner department. However,
his final blow to Emma of “you and your feelings can stay at the condo and I’ll
be at the Radisson” was a nice touch, along with calling Miss Holiday “doctor”
after she explicitly declared she wasn’t one was small but hilarious.


Once again, Stamos killed on “Afternoon Delight.” The harmonizing, the
drumming, the falsetto, the look of confusion as it dawned on him that he was
singing a song about, well, afternoon nooky with the none other than the abstinence club –

Wild Card
Perfect 10

Final score
Sadly, this wasn’t anywhere near as glorious as Stamos’ previous appearances on
‘Glee’, however we’ll take what we can get. Watching him sing and act as drummer for “Afternoon Delight” was, for
lack of a better term, a true delight. Furthermore, we like a man who takes
initiative so it was nice to see him reach out to Miss Holiday for some
sex-counseling.  I have no idea how Emma
was able to resist that man for four months of marriage (FOUR MONTHS!), which sadly, leaves us with no choice but to rank this episode as Stamos Who? But don’t let the low-grade fool you. Every moment John Stamos is onscreen he outshines everyone else – if this is it for Carl and Emma, he’ll truly be missed.

What do you guys think? Is this Dr. Carl’s final appearance on “Glee”? Are he and
Emma over for good? While the “Wemma” shippers might have been flailing with
excitement by the episode’s close, those of us who loved Dr. Carl are certainly
sad to see him go. What’s next for John Stamos? I suppose there’s a chance he’ll pop up on “Glee” again, but we know he’ll grace our TV
screens this April, thanks to a guest-starring role in an upcoming
episode of “Law & Order: SVU”.  He’s
also been rumored to replace Charlie Sheen on “Two and a Half Men” (please, John,
turn that down, I don’t think I can stomach a “Stamos on Stamos” for every
episode of that show). But, in case he’s looking for work, I’d like to make
another plea for the televised version of Stamos
vs. Stamos
.You never know John, it could be a goldmine.


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Posted by:Annie Stammell