lea michele jonathan groff 'Glee': Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele cover Adele, listen hereOh, Jonathan Groff. Your first episode back on “Glee” hasn’t even aired yet, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say it’ll be your best one yet. 

Last week, we reported that Groff would be covering Adele’s hit song “Rolling In the Deep” when he returned to the FOX show. We speculated that it could possibly be a duet with Lea Michele, but that was more wishful thinking than anything.
Well, it turns out the “Glee” gods heard us (thank you, Grilled Cheesus!) because it is a duet and it’s just leaked online for you listening pleasure. The duo will be performing “Rolling In the Deep” on Tuesday, May 10, in the prom episode aptly titled “Prom Queen.”
Our thoughts? We love it. Our favorite thing about Groff’s Jesse St. James is that he can actually keep up with Rachel vocally. Oh yeah, Finn (Cory Monteith) fans. We went there. And we bought property.
Surprisingly, they went with John Legend’s version of the song (he released the cover in March), which is a capella and has a little bit more of a gospel feel than Adele’s original version. This is the first time we’ve heard the song sang as a duet and we think it works really well, especially for this “Glee” couple. 
Plus, it’s Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. They could sing the phone book together and we’d buy it on iTunes. Maybe.
Listen to Michele and Groff’s “Rolling In the Deep” below and let us know what you think of their cover in the comments. 

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