britney bieber glee 'Glee': Justin Bieber welcome to guest star, Britney's cameo was her ideaWhat happens when two pop culture phenomenons collide? We might just find out. “Glee’s” executive producer Ryan Murphy has issued Justin Bieber an open invitation to stop by McKinley High for a cameo.

think he’s so phenomenally talented and I think he’s great. So, yes, if
he was interested I would make that happen,” Murphy tells Access Hollywood.

He’s not the only Biebs fan on set. “Well, the kids sing his stuff all day long. Yeah, they do. They sing ‘Baby.'” If ever a moment called for a Twitvid, it’s that one.

As for that other famous popstar who will be appearing on the show, Murphy assures fans that nobody will be making fun of Britney Spears. In other words, Matthew Morrison’s curls will remain on his head.

The episode is very reverential.
It’s very full of love and admiration,” he says. That’s a relief. Britney’s been through enough!

Murphy also mentions that Britney’s cameo was her own idea. “It’s a tribute to her and her music and it was
her idea to sort of come on and do a couple of fun, sort of, ‘Where’s
Waldo?’ moments, but instead of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ It’s ‘Where’s Britney.'”

We’re not sure how difficult it could possibly be to spot one of the most photographed women in the world, but we’re all for surprise appearances.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie