ushkowitz mchale glee 320 'Glee': Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz talk Artie and Tina part 2It’s been a year and seven months since the cast of “Glee” got on this crazy train, but this week, the show’s first season finally wrapped.
Of course, as Kevin McHale (Artie) points out to Korbi TV, it’s sort of a weird milestone for them since their tour rehearsals start Thursday (April 29) and it’s not as if they’re going their separate ways for the summer.
They are, however, getting about 48 hours off, which includes Wednesday, April 28 … also known as Jenna Ushkowitz‘s (Tina) birthday.
Bonne fete, Jenna!

Thankfully, for “Glee” fans, there are several fresh “Glee” episodes still to air this spring and, just so you know, there’s also more Artie-Tina drama to come. Specifically in the episode which Joss Whedon directed and Neil Patrick Harris guests in.

“The Tina and Artie thing does not go un-talked about,” McHale tells us. “Stuff definitely comes up again.”
Ushkowitz, however, says the drama doesn’t necessarily concern their relationship, but they do have an issue or two.
“I think Tina essentially just wants Artie to be happy and I know he’s going through a hard time with his disability, so you’ll see some trials and tribulations, but nothing that will make or break them at this point,” she shares.
Watch the clips for more on Artie and Tina, plus Jenna gives us the skinny on Tina’s involvement in the upcoming Lady Gaga episode…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh