“Glee” star Kevin McHale was looking fierce at the “Twilight: New Moon” premiere in a shiny skinny black suit from Top Man (Top Shop) in London.  

]]>And Kevin talked to The Dish Rag exclusively about his emotional “Wheels” episode, what’s next for his character and which Madonna song he might sing on the show.

“Artie, they cool that for a little bit,” Kevin explains. “The whole two baby storyline is rising to the surface. And the Madonna episode is coming up in the back nine. I wanna know what songs everyone is doing.”
Wait, he doesn’t know?  “I have no idea,” he said.
Any preferences for his own Madonna song?
“I would like to do ‘Don’t Tell Me’ where she’s in like the cowboy hat,” he admitted. 
Is he on Team Edward or Team Jacob? “I’m kinda new to the whole ‘Twilight’ thing. It’s kind of insane, in a good way.”
“We’ll see. I have to go watch the movie,” he explained. 
We didn’t see Kevin at the after party. But he can’t hide from us  forever.
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