glee never been kissed 320 'Glee' kiss fest: Kurt and Coach Bieste's surprise smoochesBreak out the lip balm because “Glee’s” “Never Been Kissed” episode Tuesday (Nov. 9) has put William McKinley High in a liplock.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) is feeling increasingly misunderstood, and when he finds that New Directions’ competition is a glee club from the all boys Dalton Academy, he sneaks in to spy on them and meets Blaine (Darren Criss) who of course captivates with the awesomely sweet “Teenage Dream” performance Zap2it already raved about.

Spoilers! Stop reading this post until you’ve seen the episode!

Naturally at this point, we expect Blaine to remedy Kurt’s “never been kissed” (that it counted) status, right? Not so. Apparently, the big bruiser who’s been bullying Kurt has been harboring very confused feelings and really lets Kurt have it — a kiss, not a punch. Oh, Kurt, this is not what we wanted for your first real kiss.

We’re not sure why an intervention with Blaine is supposed to have worked on Football Bully, but we’ll give points for at least reaching out. So, is Blaine going to be into Kurt or what? We really hope so. Maybe he needs Kurt to grow a little into his skin first. I mean, how can you resist his awesome sense of style? (Hanh’s note: I want that clockwork bowtie, yellow sweater/blazer and boots!)

glee kurt never been kissed 500 'Glee' kiss fest: Kurt and Coach Bieste's surprise smoochesMeanwhile, in the other outsider plot, the glee guys have decided to use mental images of Coach Bieste (Dot Jones) to keep their hormones in check when making out with their girls. Unfortunately, this info gets back to her, and she quits. Just before she leaves though, Mr. Schue gives her a pep talk and more importantly, her very first ever kiss.

glee coach schue kiss 320 'Glee' kiss fest: Kurt and Coach Bieste's surprise smoochesOh, Bieste looks hurt like no other. Her expressions are truly heartbreaking. We’re glad the guys made amends (so they guys totally won again, right?), but we want more with Bieste. She deserves some happiness, so we demand a good, vigorous and positive plot line for her soon. And Schue, we give you credit for being so nice, but it still did feel like a pity kiss to us.

A few other musings from the episode:

  • So who’s going to infiltrate the Warren Township Continuing Education program for the elderly?
  • It’s hilarious how in the first second of the show, Sam is shirtless. The guy must have a fabric allergy.
  • It’s not so easy being bullied is it, Puck?
  • All of Bieste’s dream outfits were awesome. Loved the ballerina one especially.
  • Santana logic: “If everyone just put out, we’d have a better football team.”
  • Hmm, maybe Artie can provide “community service” for Brittany also. How to not be a ‘ho.
  • The boys are totally getting the best mash-ups.
  • Mean Kurt: “I don’t dig on chubby boys who sweat too much who’ll be bald by the time they’re 30.”
  • Very excited for the beret-wearing Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) next week!
  • Coach Bieste: “Watch your tone with me, missy. You crap on my leg; I cut it off.”

Love ya, “Glee.” Muah!

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen