lea michele glee s2 320 'Glee': Lea Michele teases a Super Bowl 'Thriller'Another day, another round of “Glee” spoilers straight from the mouths of the cast and creators.

The latest news comes courtesy of “Access Hollywood” and Lea Michele, who spills a few more specifics about the show’s post-Super Bowl episode than the last time she talked about it on camera. Read on for details about a big number and Rachel indulging her athletic side.

She confirms that the cast will be performing a version of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” — presumably not the full 14-minute video) during the Super Bowl episode, but a shorter, New Directions version of it. “It’s never what you really expect,” Michele says. “It’s definitely ‘Glee’-ified.”

Michele also says that you’ll see her in, of all things, a football uniform. She won’t say why or how Rachel ends up on the gridiron, but she does tell “Access” that “I’ve been spending the last couple of nights on the football field. I feel like I’m doing a social experiment on what it’s like to spend so much time with boys.”

The full interview, including Michele’s thoughts on Gwyneth Paltrow returning to the show and her potentially spoilery driving habits, is below.

Posted by:Rick Porter