whoopi goldberg lindsay lohan glee gi 'Glee': Lindsay Lohan, Whoopi Goldberg heading to Lima“Glee” is enlisting two famous faces for the latter half of Season 3. According to new reports, both Whoopi Goldberg and Lindsay Lohan are scheduled to appear on the FOX hit.

Goldberg has booked herself an extremely important guest arc, reports TVLine. The actress and “View” co-host will head to Lima, Ohio as Carmen Tibideaux, a New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts professor who’s in charge of Kurt and Rachel’s NYADA auditions. She’ll appear in three episodes starting May 1, and will definitely inform the hopefuls of the school’s decision.

Meanwhile, Lohan’s role is much smaller — and has a twist. She’s reportedly in talks to guest-star as a judge at Nationals — as herself. The judge cameo role has been filled by the likes of Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John before her, and as far as egregious “Glee” cameos go, actually seems quite realistic. This is the type of thing she totally could have been doing had she not decided to clean up her act and try to capitalize on some of her career’s early promise. The Lohan Comeback Train travels on!

“Glee’s” Season 3 finale is scheduled to air May 22.

Posted by:Jean Bentley