matthew morrison glee 320 'Glee': Lionel Richie, The Beatles and The Doors' songs score April's premiere... which, p.s., rocksHoly hook-ups, Batman. There is a lot going down on “Glee” this spring.

Korbi TV hit the show’s PaleyFest event on Saturday (March 13), where the crowd of almost 2,000 — Paley’s largest audience ever — was treated to a screening of the show’s April 13 return episode.  
And people, prepare to be surprised. 
First of all, the writers aren’t wasting any time. Many of the things that you might think you’ll have to wait all season to see are already in full swing when the hour opens.
I won’t say any more on that right now, but just know, what they’ve got going down is pretty brilliant. I think you’ll be pleased.
More details from the panel and from the ep:
– Football season is over. Puck and Finn are playing for the basketball team.
– Someone we know is getting roofied.
– Emma has a pretty big secret, which she confesses to Schue.
– You’re going to dig what Idina Menzel‘s character is delivering … or you’re going to despise it.
– Schue’s doing some sort of shady stuff — which actually makes total sense. You’ll see.
– There’s a super-solid Sarah Palin joke in the script, delivered by — who else — Sue.
– A Sue Sylvester line that didn’t make it to air: “Shut your mouth before I rape it.”
– Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) are playing an integral part in the storyline and have some good stuff with Finn.
Jonathan Groff Lea Michele‘s “Spring Awakening” co-star who plays Jesse, the star of rival glee club “Vocal Adrenaline” — is kind of awesome. 
– I spotted “So You Think You Can Dance” alum Jason Glover in the ep, playing one of the Vocal Adrenaline kids.
– The episode showcasing all original songs will be in season two.
Chris Colfer told the man in charge, Mr. Ryan Murphy, that he’d love to sing “Rose’s Turn” (Bette Midler), so that’s happening this season.
– Coldplay and Bryan Adams both said no to “Glee” covering their songs. Murphy found Bryan Adams’ rejection particularly strange.
– Because two Jews dating in high school seemed to strike a chord with fans, Ryan says Rachel and Puck will reunite … but Puck will continue to be a bad boy. “He actually has an affair with almost every lady on this panel,” Murphy reveals.
– “Wheels” is Ryan’s favorite episode to date.
– Murphy thinks Madonna‘s music is, in many ways, the soundtrack to his life since she hit when he was about 17, and he wrote her a letter about wanting to pay tribute to her and her cultural contributions on the show. That’s how they got access to her catalogue.
– They will be doing 10 Madonna songs in total.
Jane Lynch is doing “Vogue” and, cone bra and all, will be re-enacting the actual video.   
– The “Vogue” number fits into a larger storyline: Schue makes fun of Sue’s hair and track-suit fashion sense, so Kurt and Mercedes give her a makeover.
– Kurt’s relationship with his father is based on Ryan’s real-life relationship with his pops, growing up in Indiana.
– Kurt’s getting a boyfriend for sure.
– Murphy is not interested in seeing these two bashed or picked on. He wants Kurt and his bf to be confident and popular, so that kids in their situation can look up to them and know that it’s possible to be accepted.
Matthew Morrison (Schue) reveals that he’s doing two duets with Neil Patrick Harris. The first one is an Aerosmith song. The other? Billy Joel.
– There are great things coming up for Jessalyn Gilsig‘s Terri Schuester. Murphy says he wants us to see the sort of damage that makes someone hard.
– They are doing an episode about the power of “theatricality” which will include a Lady Gaga cover. She’s a fan of the show, and Murphy calls her probably the most important pop star in the world right now.
Amber Riley (Mercedes) tried out for “American Idol” and got cut before she even had the chance to sing for the judges. Clearly, their loss. She says it’s the best “no” she ever got because it made her work harder and look what she gets to do now.
– Kristin Chenoweth will return for the third episode this spring.
Julia Roberts — whom Murphy just finished directing in “Eat Pray Love” — could possibly a cameo. She’s a fan of it and she’s close with Murphy. 
– In an upcoming episode, Kurt will try to hook his dad up with Finn’s mom in the hopes that he and Finn will end up living in the same house. Ha!
– The April premiere features covers of Lionel Richie, The Beatles and The Doors. And since the ep is called “Hello,” you can probably figure out which songs they’re tackling.
KTV will have more from “Glee” at Paley throughout the week, so keep coming back.

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