jonathan groff glee paley 320 'Glee': Meet Rachel Berry's new guy, Jonathan Groff“Glee” fans, meet Jonathan Groff, who will play a character by the name of Jesse St. James when the series returns on April 13.

He’s in Vocal Adrenaline, the rival glee club we saw last year, and he’s got much in common with McKinley High’s first lady of song and dance.
Idina Menzel [plays] the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, and I’m the lead singer,” Groff explains in the clip below. “I meet Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, in the first episode [in April] and we sort of have an immediate connection. I want to be a star just as much as she does… Her character hasn’t met anyone like that yet, so it’s an interesting chemistry.” 
Indeed it is.
Having screened the aforementioned episode just after speaking with Groff, I can vouch for the dynamic between those two. There was even a part of Korbi TV that thought, forget Finn, R.B.! Go for this guy.
Problem is, it’s hard to tell if Jesse St. James can be trusted.
Continuing to describe the character, Groff said, “I’m just about as ambitious as [Rachel], but I’m a little more assured of the fact that I’m a star… I’m a little more of a snake I think.”
Hmm, do we like this dude?
Watch the clip and let us know in the comments section. 

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh