glee terri honey badger 'Glee': Meet the honey badger, nature's most fearless animalSue Sylvester told you to look up honey badgers in tonight’s episode of “Glee,” and hey… you did! The honey badger has become a viral YouTube sensation — even before Jane Lynch’s character gave them a shout-out at the first inaugural League of Doom meeting.

The Guiness Book of World Records has awarded the honey badger with the title “the most fearless animal in the world.” In the National Geographic video below, we see the honey badger wrestle with creatures that would have us running back to our Jeep Wranglers screaming for Mommy.

We’re not entirely why Sue associates honey badgers with Terri Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig) who finally returned to “Glee” tonight after a long absence, but we guess we’d classify both Terri and the honey badger as completely freaking crazy.

“Incredibly tenacious, they hunt constantly, barely resting between kills,” says the requisite British voiceover man. Replace “kills” with “doing the next crazy thing” and you’ve got Terri Schuester in a nutshell.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie