melanie mayron gi 320 'Glee': Melanie Mayron would love to direct New DirectionsMelanie Mayron has done lots of television directing since winning an Emmy as a star of “thirtysomething,” but one job she’d like has eluded her so far: “Glee.”

“It’s right up my alley,” Mayron tells Zap2it of the FOX series. “I met the executives on it last year, but the producers have to know you. A lot of the producers also direct on that show, so it’s one thing for the studio to like a director, but they can’t shove somebody onto the producers. The producers have to want to work with you as well.”

Mayron says she wouldn’t shy away from the elaborate musical numbers that are trademarks: “I would do fine. ‘Godspell’ was my first acting job, and I’ve done a lot of musical things over the years, so I think it would be a blast.”

For now, Mayron is the director of “Mean Girls 2,” more a reboot than a remake of the iconic 2004 Lindsay Lohan movie. Without original writer and co-star Tina Fey‘s participation, and with a mostly new cast — except for Tim Meadows, who returns as the school principal — the film debuts Sunday, Jan. 23, on ABC Family.

Mayron also directed a 1995 version of another project that starred Lohan, Disney’s “Freaky Friday,” for ABC. “It didn’t even occur to me at first,” Mayron maintains of being involved in another variation on a Lohan vehicle, which it would become in 2003. “I realized it when I was maybe halfway through [‘Mean Girls 2’], and I thought, ‘This is hilarious.’ It was just a coincidence.”

Known to “thirtysomething” fans as that show’s Melissa, Mayron is one of several cast regulars from the much-lauded 1987-91 ABC series to have become a director. So have Peter Horton, Polly Draper, Ken Olin (also a producer of ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters”) and Timothy Busfield.

“He hired me to do [NBC’s] ‘Lipstick Jungle,’” Mayron reports of Busfield, who was an executive producer on the program. “I acted in a couple of episodes as [a photographer who was] an Annie Leibovitz character, then I directed an episode. The show got canceled, but that was a great experience.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin