jane lynch glee 2 320 'Glee' merchandise machine revs up for fallWe love “Glee” so we’re hoping the merchandising plan isn’t overkill.

Apparently, at the Licensing International Expo in Vegas Thursday (June 10), Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products revealed its merchandising strategy and schedule for the fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Already we’ve heard about the “Glee” novels that will launch at the end of summer. We’re dubious about what the draw would be without the musical numbers unless they’re some multimedia element to the books.

Here are a few other products that are planned and our thoughts on them:

  • Hallmark greeting cards – Actually, this isn’t a horrible idea. Sue Sylvester’s one-liners would work well here and they’re low cost.
  • Apparel and accessories and “leather goods” – Unless it’s clothes to make you look like a Gleek, we’re not crazy about people running around with Puck’s face on their chests. Somehow, putting the characters on t-shirts make them seem less real. But Sue Sylvester track jackets and megaphones would sell like gangbusters we think. As for “leather goods,” who knows? What would make for a “Glee” wallet or belt? A huge logo on it? Ugh.
  • Back-to-school merchandise – Folders, notebook and pens don’t sound too horrible. “Glee” does take place school, so this seems okay.
  • “Glee” board games, trivia games and puzzles – Eh, we’ll reserve judgment, but unless it has a really strong musical element that helps us increase our knowledge, we’d pass over these.
  • Wii “Karaoke Revolution Game” and a separate “Glee” karaoke machine – These sound like the most natural products to arise from the show because it could include the singalong CDs and encourage interaction.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen