Glee-320.jpgFirst President Obama steals Kal Penn from “House” and now his wife and kids are messing with “Glee”‘s shooting schedule so the cast can perform in D.C.?!

The Obama family sure seems to be getting all up in FOX’s business. But something tells us, FOX doesn’t really mind.
According to EW, First Lady Michelle Obama has invited Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and crew to sing at The White House Easter Egg Roll on April 5th. Word is, “Glee”‘s producers have scrambled to switch a few things around so the cast can accept her once-in-a-lifetime invitation.
The White House Press Office will officially announce the performers prior to the event, but would not confirm at this time that the “Glee” cast will be participating.
Amber Riley (Mercedes), however, did state via Twitter that it is indeed happening and that she’s in total disbelief.
Any thoughts?
Class field trip to D.C.?
Posted by:Korbi Ghosh