mike omalley cory monteith glee gi 'Glee': Mike O'Malley honors Cory Monteith, talks plans to appear in Finn tribute episodeIt’s been a tough time for the extended “Glee” family with the tragic passing of Cory Monteith. Speaking before reporters Saturday (July 27) at the Television Critics Association’s supper press tour, where he was there ostensibly to promote his new NBC comedy “Welcome to the Family,” Mike O’Malley offered his thoughts on the loss.

“He was the fictional quarterback on the show and the very real quarterback on that set,” O’Malley said of Monteith when prompted by a reporter. “I just loved working with him. I miss him very much.”

O’Malley, who has spent a lion’s share of his time on “Glee” acting opposite Monteith, said that the “toughest scene I’ve ever acted” was a moment with Finn. “I had to throw him out of the house because of a slur that he used,” O’Malley recounted. “It was remarkable to me when we were shooting that scene the depth of emotion he was able to portray — the sorrow, the shame.”

When queried as to whether he would participate in the upcoming Finn tribute episode, O’Malley explained that he plans to take part and “honor Cory and his passing.” “He is on that show my stepson; I plan on being there. And I think they’ll be shooting that [episode] on a time where [“Family”] is on hiatus.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles