On Tuesday (May 10), we grabbed “Glee’s” Mike O’Malley (aka Burt Hummel) when he stopped by the KTLA Morning Show. We asked him about the upcoming “Prom Queen” episode, his comedy pilot — “Family Album” — and stood by helplessly when the interview was crashed by “Parenthood’s Dax Shepard.

O’Malley told us he hopes Burt Hummel will eventually get to sing on “Glee.” Citing Artie’s out-of-the-wheelchair dream sequence “Safety Dance,” he didn’t see why a similar scenario couldn’t be concocted for Burt.

He also had blunt advice for would-be prom-goers: “It’s really just a party where everybody’s dressed up. It’s really just a dance … I think that if people look at it that way they won’t be disappointed when it turns out to be just another dance in a fancy costume.”

O’Malley — when not at all pressed — offers that everyone should be nicer.


Back on track, we move on to chat about his FOX pilot, “Family Album,” that may or may not be picked up when fall network schedules are announced next week.

“It’s more of a comedy,” says O’Malley, who noted that his “Glee” character ends up in a lot of “heavy” scenes. “No drama.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Shepard — he’s the other guy wearing a hat.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson