mini warbler 'Glee': Mini Warbler performs 'Teenage Dream,' impresses Darren CrissCutest. Video. Ever. Seriously, this video is why we love “Glee.”

A video of a young “Glee” fan named Kellan who loves The Warblers (and Blaine Anderson played by Darren Criss) singing and dancing along to their performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” was posted on YouTube. In unrelated news: We nearly died from a cuteness overdose.

In the video’s description, it says, “Our mini Warbler loves to wear his suit day and night.” Kellan wears the suit in the video (which shows him dancing in front of his TV) and also wears a tie that reaches his knees. Have we mentioned this is the cutest thing ever?

 Darren Criss ended up coming across the video and tweeted it to his followers, saying, “I have been replaced. Blaine Anderson, move over… Putting us Warblers to shame, you handsome devil!” We will say it one more time: So. Freaking. Cute.

Forget about celebrity guest stars, Ryan Murphy. Bring Kellan on as Blaine’s younger brother STAT. Watch the video of Kellan performing “Teenage Dream” below:

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