glee nationals season 3 'Glee': Jenna Ushkowitz says 'Nationals' shoot was 'brutal'The New Directions are going big for Nationals this year — which means the “Glee” cast had to work extra hard for their show-stopping number. Jenna Ushkowitz tells Zap2it that shooting the episode (the second half of Tuesday, May 15’s two-part “Glee” extravaganza) was a difficult time.

“Oh, Nationals,” she sighs. “It was a brutal, brutal time to shoot because it’s just so grueling, but it’s one of the best numbers New Directions has ever done. We had so much fun doing it. It was exhausting, but you guys are in for a treat, for sure.”

The episodes heading into Season 4 have been some of Ushkowitz’s favorites to shoot. “I really enjoyed this arc, from now until the finale,” she says. “Just because it’s this sort of groundbreaking thing for us to make this journey and find ourselves and figure out what’s going on.”

Season 4 on the horizon is an exciting thought, but Ushkowitz hints that the end of Season 3 will be just as juicy — and possibly turn out better for New Directions than their previous Nationals run. “We’re excited about the unknown, but I definitely have just enjoyed Sectionals and Regionals and getting to Nationals again. We know the way this is going to work, but it may end up different this time.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley