glee recap sadie hawkins awkward tina fox 'Glee': New heights of awkward are reached in 'Sadie Hawkins'

High school is an awkward time. In that sense, the “Sadie Hawkins” episode of “Glee” represented the adolescent experience perfectly. This may have been the single most awkward hour of television aired in recent memory.

What were the most cringe-worthy moments? From 10 to 1, get ready to shudder:

10. Coach Bieste (Dot Marie Jones) equates a random high school dance with the empowerment of humanity.

9. Kurt (Chis Colfer) and Adam — the latter of whom may be stalking the former — use ballet as a semi-metaphor for flirting. Mostly this is awkward because it doesn’t make any sense.

8. Rachel (Lea Michele) goes into hysterics because Brody was kind of late — at least she has a strong man to talk some sense into her pretty little head!

7. Blaine (Darren Criss) has a crush on Sam (Chord Overstreet). There are issues with lip balm. Also, what’s so great about Sam all of the sudden?

6. All of the moves at the Sadie Hawkins dance: Apparently, the kids need formal choreography to have any semblance of rhythm

5. Kitty (Becca Tobin) suddenly wants to make out with everything that moves. So much for the good Christian girl — they don’t like that type much on “Glee” anyway.

4. Rachel has sex with Brody and essentially tells Kurt all about it.

3. The Warblers are on drugs. And we get to watch them stick each other in the butt with needles.

2. The Adam’s Apples perform “Baby Got Back.” Leaving aside the whole issue of stealing the melody from Jonathan Coulton without permission, the “Rent”-reject aesthetic and super-exuberant choreography did nothing to enhance this ballad.

1. Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) finally gets her big solo (which is pretty incredible, by the way) and sings to Blaine and everyone knows exactly what’s happening. Everyone, that is, except the audience. We only learn about the crush upon seeing a montage created specifically to invent Tina’s crush on Blaine.

Did you find “Sadie Hawkins” to be awkward? What moment made you cringe the most?

Posted by:Laurel Brown