glee ashley fink guest star season 4 lauren zizes fox 'Glee' news: Ashley Fink will return as Lauren Zizes in season 4

Get happy — Ashley Fink is returning to “Glee” this winter. The actress — who plays man-killer and Puck-tamer Lauren Zizes — will have a single-episode return for an episode in January.

Although the Lauren Zizes character has been MIA since last season (in which she was seen only rarely), she is apparently not gone altogether from the world of McKinley High School. Fink will appear in the Jan. 24 episode — the show’s first episode after the winter-holiday hiatus — for a Sadie Hawkins dance.

This brings up an important question: Who will Lauren Zizes take to the dance?

Assuming the ladies can choose a man who no longer attends high school, the obvious choice is Lauren’s ex, Puck (Mark Salling). He is, as far as we know, single. And, thanks to his depressing life off in Los Angeles, Puck has returned to Lima for the moment. Could he find love in his old home town?

Even if Puck has other plans, Lauren Zizes may have other fellows to chase after. Of the New Directions boys, only a few are available. Sam is with Brittany, Artie is with Sugar, and Blaine is otherwise unavailable. That leaves Ryder (Blake Jenner) and Jake (Jacob Artist) as possible new objects of affection.

It could actually be a lot of fun if Puck’s little brother got some Zizes love.

Posted by:Laurel Brown