glee inside actors studio 'Glee' on 'Inside the Actors Studio': Lea Michele's favorite curse word and moreRyan Murphy and his “Glee” stars Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch shared some pretty juicy info when they visited James Lipton on “Inside the Actors Studio.” Now that the show has finally aired, here are five tidbits we learned about the “Glee” gang that we never knew before:

1. They all love the f-word
It’s both Murphy and Monteith’s favorite dirty word, while Morrison prefers “motherf—er,” Lynch goes for the variation “f— a duck” and Michele swears by “f— an a–hole.” Colfer, on the other hand, loves the rather chaste (by these standards) “s—.”

2. Sometimes rejection is a good thing
Monteith says that he was really disappointed after he just barely missed out on a lead role in a TV series that he thought would be his big break. Since he didn’t get it, he had a chance at “Glee,” which changed his life. As for the other show? “You’ve never heard of it,” he says.

3. Say yes
Not only is it Murphy’s favorite word, it helped Lynch get to where she is today. “The thing I did right was to say yes to almost everything except porno, which people are always calling me about,” Lynch jokes.

4. The seniors are totally coming back for Season 4
Yeah, yeah, yeah, nothing’s official. But Murphy tells Lipton cryptically, “Just because they graduate doesn’t mean they won’t be on ‘Glee.'” We can read between the lines.

5. They’re anti-ignorance
Well, duh. Monteith says ignorance is a total turn-off. Colfer says that’s what he was going to say, so he chooses early morning call times instead.

Posted by:Jean Bentley