Oprah Winfrey brought out the best in the “Glee” cast, and we loved seeing a different side to them.

The cast first kicked off the show Wednesday, April 7 with their iconic song, “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Apparently, they did it in character since Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, was in a wheelchair. As always, the performance got us pumped.

Check it out:

But beyond that, what else could Winfrey give us that we haven’t already been hit over the head with?

Here are our Top 10 moments from the “Glee”-centric “Oprah” episode:

No. 10 – William McKinley High School is transported to Chicago. The show converted the stage to look like the “Glee” show choir practice room. How cool and surreal was that? “What are you doing in our choir room?” Lea Michele asked Winfrey.

No. 9 – It was so gratifying to hear from “Glee” co-creator and executive producer because he completely believes in his show and joked that none of New Directions would graduate high school so the show could continue indefinitely. And then he said that Michele’s singing was a “once in a generation voice,” on par with Barbra Streisand and Patti LuPone. It was a sweet moment.

No. 8
– Learning that the “Glee” cast is really friendly with each other in real life, to the point of planning a trip to Cabo together … except then the “Oprah” offer came along. “Oprah trumps Cabo,” Amber Riley declared.

No. 7
– The “Glee” cast is definitely lucky, but they’ve earned the fame and adulation through lots of hard work. It was revealed they work 14-16-hour days, often rehearse extra on weekends, come in often at 6 a.m. and sometimes have to shoot three musical numbers in a day.

No. 6 – It was great that real-life show choir Powerhouse from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif. got to perform on “Oprah,” but we loved even more that moment they learned about the honor in a surprise visit from Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison and Riley. “We got some criers,” observed Morrison.

No. 5 – Chris Colfer revealed that like his character, he didn’t find high school to be a pleasant experience, but “Glee” has been therapeutic. “High school reminded daily of my imperfections … [The show] celebrates your differences and makes your disadvantages your advantages.”
No. 4 Spoiler alert! In the all-access pass that “Oprah” got to “Glee,” we see that a very pregnant Quinn (Agron) is still dancing all-out with the show choir and learn that Kurt (Colfer) will join the Cheerios and gets his very own cheerleading costume.

No. 3 –  In the behind-the-scenes video, Neil Patrick Harris is on the “Glee” set and gives a little insight into his guest starring role: “I play a character named Bryan Ryan. He’s a bit of a villain. So don’t hate me when you watch the show.” Also, there was a bonus glimpse of director Joss Whedon in the clip.

No. 2 – Jane Lynch is such a happy person compared to her bitter character Sue Sylvester, but finds it gratifying that Sue’s meanness has brought her new fans. “My demo is 16-year-old boys!” Lynch exclaimed.

No. 1 – Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue!) engages in a dance battle with Harry Shum, Jr. (who plays Mike Chang). Not only was it cool for Morrison to bring Shum out from the audience since only the main cast members were sitting on stage, but this allowed Shum to show off his incredible dance skills. The white hankerchief surrender at the end was awesome.

What was your favorite moment?

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