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“Shooting Star” is one of those “Glee” episodes that everyone will be talking about. Some people will like it. Some people will probably hate it. An awful lot of people will debate over whether the episode accomplished its goals.

But everyone will be talking. You do not want to miss this episode when it airs on Thursday (April 11). Here are 10 spoilers that help to explain why:

1. “I regret to inform you a deadly asteroid is heading our way.” This is how Brittany (Heather Morris) starts the episode. Spoiler alert: The world does not end in fiery death from the sky.

2. Ryder’s (Blake Jenner) online friend is indeed doing a little bit of catfishing with the boy. This becomes clear when he sees “Katie” in the hallway.

3. Regionals are coming soon — and New Directions learns the names of two of their rivals. What are the club names? We wouldn’t want to spoil the joke, but let’s just say there are Indiana and FBI-movie puns involved.

4. Lord Tubbington has a Twitter account. He uses it to insult Sam (Chord Overstreet).

5. Ryder makes a very salient point about how “1984” is still considered sci-fi, even though the date of the novel has long since passed. Yes, this is part of the plot.

6. Two characters share a dinner right out of “Lady and the Tramp.” Unfortunately, they do not roll meatballs around with their noses or meet in the middle of a long spaghetti strand.

7. Did you know McKinley High has an astronomy club? Probably not — there’s a certain “blink and you missed it” aspect to this particular activity.

8. Even if you’ve hated the Sam/Brittany relationship on principle, this episode should change your mind. Our favorite dumb blonds do their very best to melt even the coldest of hearts.

9. There is a rather abrupt shift in tone, theme and style about 2/3 of the way through the episode. It’s with good reason.

10. By the end of “Shooting Star,” one long-time “Glee” cast member will no longer be at McKinley High School.

Posted by:Laurel Brown