glee christmas 'Glee' preview: 'Do They Know It's Christmas?,' 'All I Want for Christmas is You' videosIt’s that time again … time for “Glee” to get even more feel-good than usual and adopt the holiday spirit, dress the cast in comfy sweaters and make Sue Sylvester less of a Grinch than usual (or make her the actual Grinch, either way).

FOX has released two video previews from “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” (if you’ll recall, we’ve heard this year’s Christmas episode tunes already thanks to “Glee the Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2”), and it looks just as upbeat and happy as you’d expect.
We’re partial to Mercedes’ cover of “All I Want for Christmas is You,” but we’ve got to give props to the whole cast’s version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” for its excellent use of all of the New Directions members. Two weeks of Tina solos (or pseudo-solos) in a row? It must be the holidays!
“Extraordinary Merry Christmas” airs Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Posted by:Jean Bentley