glee 407 dynamic duets preview videos superheroes fox 'Glee' preview videos: Musical superheroes come out for 'Dynamic Duets'

When you think of “Glee,” do you think of superheroes? After this week’s Thanksgiving episode, “Dynamic Duets,” you probably will. Not only is this the best episode this show has had in recent memory, but it takes the comic-book hero theme to whole new levels of musical awesomeness.

You can find out for yourself with this “Glee” video preview.

The central action of the episode revolves around a stolen trophy. Yes, the coveted Nationals trophy brought back to Ohio by New Directions has been stolen! Who could be behind such a nefarious deed? A video left behind at the crime scene gives a clue.

“Who leaves a laptop?”

Considering the rather distinctive jacket worn by the thief, who better to retrieve the stolen item than Blaine (Darren Criss), former Warbler and current “Glee” hero type. Alas, all does not go as planned. When next we see Blaine, he is wearing a blazer and singing together with a room of a capella-loving boys. Could Blaine go over to the Dark Side?

Meanwhile, all remains unwell in the halls of McKinley High School. Finn (Cory Monteith) has taken over the glee club in Will Schuester’s absence, but he seems to be having trouble. Even though he has managed to dress exactly like his idol.

Only on “Glee” would the key to leadership be a guy putting on tights. But he might want to hurry with the attempt, because chaos and violence are rising in the hallways. Of course, the source of this is Marley (Melissa Benoist), who somehow still thinks she’s unattractive even when two guys start fighting over her.

Will Marley gain self-confidence? Will Finn wear tights? Can the Warblers seduce Blaine back into the fold? “Dynamic Duos” has the answers on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Nov. 22 at 9pm.

Posted by:Laurel Brown