glee project season 2 'Glee Project' recap: Scott Campbell versus The WorldThis week’s theme is “Adaptability,” which is fitting because I will have to adapt to not having a DVR this week. Yeah, yeah, I know, white people problems. I acknowledge that this problem has nothing on the trials and tribulations in the day-to-day life of a Glee Project contestant. Onward.

Thank god, Aylin and Charlie have decided to put their “romance” on hold in lieu of friendship and competition. I think she just realized that he was annoying. Charlie is glad that now they can put all that energy they used to put into cuddling into “kicking each other’s asses.” He wants to get laid so bad.

“Friendshiiiiip,” Charlie cheers half-heartedly, holding on to Aylin just a little too tight. Do you think he knows Aylin just wants to focus her feminine wiles on Blake?

Robert walks in and announces that the theme this week is “Adaptability,” and I’m starting to think these kids are told to be excited about whatever he tells them. It’s very America’s Next Top Model. “I AM Adaptability!” Mario insists, because he is blind. I don’t know if you forgot that or not. He adapts daily, as Charlie keeps re-arranging the furniture in their dorm “as a goof.”

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