glee project season 2 'Glee Project' recap: SlushabilityWill Charlie ever learn? I feel like the answer is no, but it will be interesting to watch everyone else reach that same, inevitable conclusion. And was it really so “crazy” when the contestants had to perform duets in a bottom six? That has definitely happened on this show before. But who am I to fault the over-reactive? They hear anything from the mouth of Robert Ulrich and it excites them.

This week, Robert tells them this week’s theme is a quality that does not end it “-ability.” The theme is “Fearlessness,” or “Braveability,” probably, and Aylin feels well-equipped because not only is she incredibly flirtatious and not afraid to be kind of a tease, she is also from a Turkish Muslim background, lest ye forget. The homework is “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D and The Boys. To my sarcastic surprise, Robert mentions that none of the contestants are rappers. Or maybe he said that for their benefit. I don’t want any of them to think they are rappers, either.

Nellie is uncomfortable, yet again, but come “Normality” week or even “Relatability,” she’ll be OK. Michael has sworn to himself not to use those math skills that are useless in the real world and for getting jobs that pay well, in lieu of not over-thinking things. Over-thinking leads to system overload leads to meltdown.

For the homework performance, Robert introduces the most fearless actor he knows — Jane Lynch. To me, Jane Lynch is the most respectable actor on the show, and I’m proud of whoever busted out the big guns to get the real names on The Glee Project this year. Jane Lynch tells them that anything you’re afraid of could be the best moments in your life. That advice is free for all of us who get the Oxygen channel, folks, and very costly for the rest of these n00bz.

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