Next week the much-hyped and eagerly-awaited “Glee” prom will take place and, we have to admit, we’re as excited as if it was our own bash. Despite some slight leakage about who the prom king and queen might be, there’s still plenty on the line to make for an interesting episode.  

E! News talked with Lea Michele and Jane Lynch about the upcoming episode.

Lea admitted she liked this prom way more than her actual prom.

“I preferred this one so much more,” said Michele. “Anything that I didn’t get to live out in my actual prom, I really got to [while] filming this episode.”

We assume she means things like kissing Jonathan Groff and/or Cory Monteith.

glee jonathan groff lea michele 320 'Glee' prom: Lea Michele, Jane Lynch drop detailsLynch (Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester) added, “The great thing about the prom episode is that New Directions does the entertainment. Jesse St. James is back. Kids [are] breaking up and getting back together.”

“Glee” characters: They’re just like us!

P.S. “The Prom Queen” was directed by Eric Stoltz (you may remember him from “Mask” or “Some Kind of Wonderful.” He also directed this season’s “Duets” and “Blame it on the Alcohol.”

P.P.S. Malcolm David Kelley (aka Walt from “Lost”) will also guest star in the episode.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson