naya rivera glee sectionals 'Glee': 'Prom Queen' delivers killer linesIt’s no secret that show creator Ryan Murphy and his writing staff have a way with words. “Glee” is nothing if not well-written. Tuesday’s (May 10) episode, “Prom Queen,” included some particularly killer (and when we say “killer” we mean “hilarious”) lines. Santana (Naya Rivera) deserves some kind of special award for her one-liners — is there a Girl Scout badge for that?

Our top five favorites:

1. “I would at least like to graduate high school knowing how to make some kind of pate.” — Kurt (Chris Colfer)

2. “I don’t have a date either. I’m just going to dance. And all your dates are going to dance with me. Your dates are really my dates.” — Brittany (Heather Morris) on her prom plans

3. “I mean, just because I hate everybody doesn’t mean they have to hate me, too.” — Santana

4. “As soon as we get to New York, I’m bailing to live in a lesbian colony. Or Tribeca.” — Santana

5. “You should really get a hold of yourself. You are seriously no fun to interrogate or almost torture.” — Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to Artie

Honorable mentions:

“They must’ve sensed I’m a lesbian. Do I smell like a golf course?” — Santana

“John McCain is rolling over in his grave.” — Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) to Artie (Kevin McHale)

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson