marksalling.jpgBotox, being a douche and a baby daddy…

Glee“‘s resident bully Mark Salling (Puck) the boy who actually impregnated little miss Quinn — stopped to talk with me on all of the above topics and to answer a few burning questions about what’s coming up on the show.

Watch the quick clip below — the kid is funny — and then keep reading, because there’s more interview where that came from… with both him and co-stars Lea Michele (Rachel) and Dianna Agron (Quinn).

It’s good stuff and they’re saying a lot about this week’s special “Glee” guest, Ms. Kristin Chenoweth


So, Puck, sleeping with your best friend’s girl? Really?
Yeah, I do it on the show too [Laughs]

Will anyone find out that Puck is the real father of Quinn’s baby?
Yes, yes they will.

Do you think Puck has genuine feelings for Quinn?
Yes, he does, I can tell you that. He does care about her, he wants to be a good father to this baby, he wants to be the right thing [for them]. He has had a rough upbringing, but he wants to do better [for his own kid].

Are we going to explore more of Puck’s history with his deadbeat dad?
We are. I don’t know how much we can divulge, but we are.

Since Puck does like Quinn, might he try and woo her through music?
Yes. You can look forward to that. You might hear a little “Sweet Caroline.”

While Quinn is off with Finn though, will Puck have a love interest of his own?
I think he sluts his way through the whole cast. The moms included. And teachers. [laughs]

Tell me Puck will be nicer to Kurt (Chris Colfer) now that he helped win the football game.
I think I might have to be now that I’ve joined the glee club. Kurt and I definitely do make amends.

What else is coming up that you can talk about? Any guest stars you thought were particularly good?
Kristin Chenoweth blew me away.

Quinn’s got herself a bit of a problem: pregnant and lying about the father. Are you worried about the fan reaction?
You know, we will see. Yes, there is a stereotype with these characters and it wouldn’t be fair if [those stereotypes] didn’t exist a little bit. But [co-creator] Ryan Murphy has a way of taking everything and turning it upside down. That’s the great thing about this show and these characters: nobody is one note, which is amazing.

Rachel obviously has some strong feelings for Finn (Cory Monteith). And she’s quite the little detective. Now that Quinn and Puck are in glee club, will she be the one to first discover that Finn’s not the baby daddy?
Anything is possible. I think she really cares a lot about Finn, obviously, but [she also cares] about Quinn more than you realize. The journey our characters take, separately and together, I think is really great.

Will the kiss that Rachel shared with Finn impact that budding friendship she’s forming with Quinn?
Isn’t that so great that Ryan Murphy didn’t make you wait [for their kiss]? It’s was like, let’s just throw [them together]. We’ll see. I think it’s safe to say that the love triangle between Finn, Quinn and Rachel is very active throughout the first 13 episodes.

And Puck, we can’t forget him in that equation.
A square.
LM: It becomes a little square.

So I hear you girls already have a favorite guest star. True?
LM & DA:
Kristin Chenoweth! [both laugh]

LM: Not that the other people weren’t amazing, but we just had the greatest time working with her, both off camera and on. She just is such an incredible performer to look up to.

DA: And I think with somebody like her, to be so talented, witty and charming in real life and behind the camera, and have so much respect from everybody on our set… a lot of them hadn’t worked with her before, but she didn’t have to demand respect, it was just [given to her] because she’s such a kind and generous person and so easy to work with.

LM: We really hope she comes back, that we get the opportunity for her to come back.

Is the door open for her character to return?
It’s a possibility, yes!

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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