glee big brother 'Glee': Quinn's fate sealed while Matt Bomer and Darren Criss bring their hotnessAfter a nearly two-month-long “Glee” hiatus, it sure was nice of Ryan Murphy to hire Matt Bomer and his hotness to come to Lima and get Darren Criss to angrily take his shirt off. What a welcome back! And fortunately, Dianna Agron’s hints that Quinn is alive were not in vain — she didn’t
die in her texting-while-driving car accident, instead she is now stuck
in a wheelchair thanks to a spine injury. More on that in a minute, we have Bomer’s beauty to discuss.

Be honest: If you were ever in the presence of the most attractive man
in the world — Bomer, obviously, do you have eyes? — you’d react like
Chris Colfer did and lose the ability to form complete sentences. Just
us? Oh, then you’re telling us we were the only ones to Google “Matt
Bomer shirtless pictures” after the show ended too.

But we’re not here just to objectify Bomer’s appearance, let’s also talk about his performance as Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s older brother. First, he’s hilarious. He gets to be mischievous at his day job on “White Collar,” but the guy has a legit knack for comedy that was great to see. Second, he’s got a great voice. Obviously a plus if you’re going on “Glee,” but just more evidence that he’s the most perfect man on Earth.

Third, and most importantly: his character was actually interesting. We learned a lot about Blaine and what makes him tick, something we hadn’t really seen before. Underneath that calm exterior, Blaine is feeling some real tension and anger towards his older brother. And underneath those sweater vests, he’s hiding some ridiculous rippling back muscles. Somebody GIF that, stat! (Actually, it’s probably already been done. This is the Internet, after all.)

Now, as for Quinn: The loooooong (LONG!) hiatus probably had something to do with this, but it was clear from the start of “Big Brother” that Quinn was going to be okay — otherwise the episode wouldn’t have opened with a seemingly normal conversation between Rachel and Finn. So after that super-long wait, to have Quinn’s fate revealed in such an anti-climactic manner seemed a little bit of a disappointment.

What wasn’t disappointing, however, was the budding friendship between Quinn and Artie. Agron and Kevin McHale have great chemistry together, and watching the characters bond was sweet — until Quinn was all like “Quit it, I’m not gonna be like this forever” and Artie was all like “Stop deluding yourself.”

And finally, we ended the episode as we began — with Finn and Rachel discussing their future. Except throughout the episode, Puck and Finn had hatched a business plan to move their pool-cleaning venture to Los Angeles. This didn’t please Rachel, who is dead-set on New York City. The Finnchel wedding couldn’t be smooth sailing forever, so it’s great that the two high school seniors are finding that maybe their marriage won’t be as easy and idyllic as it seems.

Best song of the night:
Anything with Bomer and Criss, and no, that’s not because we just love to ogle them. They sound good too! The Gotye cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know” edged out the Duran Duran medly only because it was sexier more current.

Worst song of the night: Nothing was terrible, but the Quinn/Artie duet of “I’m Still Standing” seemed a tad too optimistic. Not that Quinn shouldn’t be optimistic about her future, but it was just too peppy — it verged in too much on Kidz Bop territory to fully enjoy.

What did you think of Bomer? Were you surprised that Quinn lives? What was your favorite song of the night?

Posted by:Jean Bentley