kurt glee sunset boulevard 'Glee': Rachel Berry's Barbra vention    another flash mob?We feel kind of petty picking on “Glee” for going back to the flash mob well since the show is — technically — one big flash mob fest. But, in the strictest sense, this is ground the show already covered with Artie’s season 1 “Safety Dance” flash mob. (And, hey, if we’re splitting hairs — the show had already covered the Gaga ground, too, but whatever — the episode was about as Gaga as “The Ed Sullivan Show.”)

Anyhow, apparently all it takes to dissuade someone from cosmetic surgery is a “Barbra-vention.” At least it works if you happen to be Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), a massive Streisand fan.

Oh, and it also helps if you are surrounded by a group of caring friends who also happen to be Streisand fans and won’t balk at dancing around the local mall to a techno-fied paen to the famously nosy singer.

In one of his characteristically uncharacteristic gestures, Puck (Mark Salling) enlists the help of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and some of the other New Directions gang to stage the flash mob for Rachel. And, like all good aversion therapy, it totally worked. Thanks to a mall full of Ohio teens getting jiggy about Barbra (and maybe because Finn told her she was beautiful just the way she is) Rachel decided own her nose.


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson