glee jane lynch 320 'Glee' recap: AuditionWhen “Glee’s” last season finished, the Glee Club had gotten a reprieve from being shut down, all the kids were one big happy family, and even Sue and Schue were getting along. So everything has to be great this year. Right?

Of course not. There’s more conflict than you can shake a stick at. Jewfro, via his blog (which I think may be called and a video project, demonstrates that the Glee Club is still at the very bottom of the school’s social pyramid. Which means no new kids will try out, which places the club in jeopardy, since Matt Rutherford (a.k.a. Shaft, a.k.a. Butt Munch) transferred to a new school. Because as we remember from the entire first half of last season, if the club doesn’t have twelve members, it can’t compete.

So the kids do a big public performance in some mysterious outdoor space at the school that we’ve never seen before to attract new blood. Rachel and Finn each notice kids getting into the performance, and seek them out for recruitment. Except when Rachel hears Filipina exchange student Sunshine Corazon (played by Charice) sing, she’s so threatened that she tries to keep her from auditioning by sending her to a crack house. Charice still gets an invitation to join the club, but then is recruited by the new Vocal Adrenaline coach, played by Cheyenne Jackson. And the new cute blond football player that Finn tries to recruit decides not to audition when he realizes that everyone else on the team will think he’s gay. So for now, we’re still down to eleven members.

The other big source of tension is the new football coach, Ms. Bieste. Figgins has brought her in to get the team winning again, and he cuts the budgets of the Cheerios and Glee Club by ten percent to provide more football funding. So Will and Sue unite in an unholy alliance to make Bieste feel hated so she’ll become miserable and quit the job. It backfires when Bieste takes her hard feelings out on Finn, kicking him off the team. That makes Will see what an ass he’s been, so he apologizes to Bieste and foils Sue’s dastardly plan to get Bieste to eat some feculent cookies. (We can’t believe I finally get to use feculent in a recap in a non-metaphorical sense.) So the truce between Sue and Schue is off, and we’re back to having Sue as a full-scale villain.

And there’s even some other tension. Tina dumped Artie to date Mike Chang. And Quinn, anxious to get back on the Cheerios, tells Sue about Santana’s off-season boob job, which gets Santana demoted to bottom of the pyramid and results in a Cheerios catfight in the school hallway. So everyone hates the Glee kids, some of the Glee kids hate each other, and Sue hates everybody (except for Becky).

Songs tonight: Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire,” “Listen” from Dreamgirls, and “What I Did for Love” from A Chorus Line.

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