glee prom 'Glee' recap: Gleekasaurus WrecksIt’s Prom time, baby. The show has finally remembered that Brittany is student council president, just in time for her to decide that the prom theme will be dinosaurs. And that all hair gel will be banned from the prom, since it didn’t exist in dinosaur days. Four of the six nominees for Prom King and Queen come from the universally despised glee club — Finn and Brit are nominated for Prom King, and Quinn and Santana are nominated for Prom Queen.

Rachel, still depressed from biffing her Fake Theater School audition, doesn’t want to go to prom — especially after she discovers that Finn and Quinn are jointly campaigning for king and queen. Blaine and Kurt have their own reasons to skip the prom, so the three of them decide to organize an anti-prom. Unfortunately, only Puck (depressed over failing his test) and Becky (depressed over not being nominated for Prom Queen) take them up on their invitation, leading to the most depressing party since the one the teachers threw for the thumbless shop teacher. Fortunately, Finn arrives to convince them to come back to the regular prom. They all take him up on the offer, except for Becky and Puck, who hang out, play some strip poker, crown each other king and queen of the anti-prom, and then go to the real prom.

Over at the real prom, Finn discovers that Quinn’s physical therapy is working and that she has started to be able to walk again. Of course, she kept this to herself in order to milk the sympathy vote. This pisses Finn off (which is what leads him to head to the anti-prom to bring the rest back). But Quinn seems determined not to let anything get between her and the tiara she wants so much. Until, that is, Rachel tells her how much she’s still jealous of Quinn’s beauty and popularity, and how proud she is to call Quinn her friend. This leads Santana and Quinn to rig the balloting so that Rachel is elected Prom Queen, with Finn rightfully elected Prom King.

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