glee finn rocky 'Glee' recap: Great Scott!“Glee”! Okay, so Will discovers that Hot Dentist Carl has gotten Emma into “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and that attending midnight screenings at a vermin-infested low-rent theater has allowed her to start getting over her charming germophobia. Consumed by jealousy, Will spontaneously decides to compete with Carl by having the Glee Club stage a bowdlerized “Rocky Horror Show,” asking Emma to work on the costumes. Finn and Rachel are Brad and Janet, Artie is the guy in the wheelchair, Quinn and Santana split the role of Magenta, and Tina and Brit-Brit split the role of Columbia.

But all the other roles keep getting swapped around. Will wants Kurt to play Dr. Frank-n-furter, but he refuses, so Mike Chang volunteers. But his parents make him give up the role, so Will turns to Hot Dentist Carl. But when he refuses to wear a bustier in public, Mercedes takes on the role. Hot Dentist Carl ends up taking on the role of Eddie, but then disappears at the end and that role is played by Mike Chang. And while Lady Lips is clearly destined to play the role of Rocky, his concern about wearing the gold lam� hot pants causes Will to think that maybe the role is too mature for a kid, so he decides to cast himself as Rocky. And Emma fills in as Janet for one rehearsal of one song — a rehearsal that ends with her grasping tightly onto Will’s shirtless torso. Hubba hubba!

As this train of horrible ideas speeds along to an obvious crack-up, obstacles keep getting raised. Hot Dentist Carl learns about the aforementioned shirtless torso grabbing and confronts Will. Finn, worried that he’s too flabby to appear on stage in his underwear, follows the advice of Lady Lips to seize his own inner sexiness by strutting down the school hallway in nothing but his boxers, nearly leading to a month-long suspension.

And Sue is approached by two executives from her station (played by Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick) and asked to do an expos� of the tawdry, torrid goings-on at McKinley High (by which I mean the staging of a musical that is entirely inappropriate for a public school). So she ends up simultaneously encouraging Will and trying to help him out all while planning to savage him in the press on opening night. Becky spills the beans, leading Will to learn of Sue’s plot, but he ends up deciding that she’s right that high school is no place for a production of “Rocky Horror,” so he cancels the show, which also happens to destroy Sue’s scoop and her hopes for a local Emmy. But the kids are so disappointed that Will lets them stage the show anyway — just not for an audience. (Except, of course, for the audience watching on television.)

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