Glee-Fox-Cast-320.jpgLeave it to this show to underutilize their best idea all season. The club is preparing for Nationals, and Tina blows up about the way Rachel is always coddled and given anything she wants while Tina is expected to sway in the background. Nobody’s supportive of her complaints, so she stomps out of the room. She eventually finds herself at the mall, where she trips and falls into a fountain, smacking her head on the hard bottom. Which, naturally, leads to an extended fantasy sequence in which everybody has switched bodies: Tina and Rachel; Puck and Blaine; Finn and Kurt; Artie and Santana; Brittany and Mercedes; Quinn and Sugar; Sam and the Leprechaun; Sue and Will; and Mike Chang and New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can’t Be Bothered To Look Up. It’s all very funny, until Tina as Rachel has a revelatory conversation with Rachel as Tina and the real Tina ends up happy to be a worker bee and wait for her own time to shine. And then they switch back to their boring selves. Bleh.

In other news, Rachel has decided not to give up on her dreams, notwithstanding all her whining last episode. So she’s been harassing Carmen, the rep from the Fake New York Theater School, to try to get her to come to Nationals to see how amazing Rachel is. She is roundly ignored by said rep, until Tina informs her that Carmen is teaching a master class at Oberlin and convinces her that in-person harassment will be more effective. So they drive to Oberlin, where Carmen shoots Rachel down, but then appears to be impressed by Tina’s impassioned plea on her behalf. Only time (and about an hour) will tell if she’s been convinced to show up in Chicago.

Finally, Puck is still feeling the pain of failing and the non-graduation that’s about to happen. Meanwhile, Coach Bieste is still feeling the pain from Cooter’s abuse (which may be just verbal at this point, but I can’t be sure). Puck’s pain leads him to a serious fight with Hockey Hair, which Shannon breaks up, leading Puck to a tearful confession about how much he hates his life and feels like he’s lived up to his own father’s prediction that he’s just garbage. His tears give Shannon the strength to leave Cooter. And in return, she convinces the geography teacher to let Puck retake his test. So maybe he will graduate.

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