glee heather morris 320 'Glee' recap: Houston, We Have Some ProblemsThis week, we get Glee‘s tribute to Whitney Houston. Some of the kids are clearly broken up by her death, and Will and Emma decide they’re fixating on her due to their own emotions about impending graduation. So Will assigns them to sing Whitney songs that express their feelings about the end of their high school careers. Which leads to lots of great music and not so much plot development.

The biggest story development is that Kurt has a new admirer — another fashionable gay boy he meets at the music store while trying to find the perfect Whitney song. New Gay is also applying to a musical theater program at a college in New York (although his school actually exists). New Gay keeps sending Kurt flirty texts, and Kurt is into them because they make him feel special, and because Blaine hasn’t been sending him any flirty texts. But Blaine discovers the texting and the two of them have a serious blowup, because Blaine thinks Kurt’s textual relationship is tantamount to cheating. Blaine essentially breaks up with Kurt through song, but Kurt tries to romance him back with another song. Emma sticks her nose into their business, and we learn that Blaine has been withdrawing from Kurt because he resents how happy Kurt seems to be about moving away to New York while Blaine stays behind for a year. Kurt makes the typical but unlikely promise that a year apart will not end their relationship, and all is well for the time being.

In other relationship news, New Guy With Gross Hair Whose Name Demian Can’t Be Bothered To Look Up notices that Quinn is feeling really down, and she confesses that her physical therapy isn’t producing the results she’d hoped for. He offers to go to therapy with her, and they have a moment during therapy that almost turns into a kiss before he backs off. Quinn thinks he backed off because he’s grossed out by her condition, but it turns out that he’s just afraid of any kind of sexual feeling. At another therapy session, Quinn accidentally cops a feel of his accidental boner, and realizes that he is into her. So they decide to try some chaste Christian dating. Or something.

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