Thumbnail image for Glee-Fox-Cast-320.jpgIt’s Valentine’s Day at McKinley High (which means the championship football game really was played in February), and there are so many different love connections floating around that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of it all. To start with, Finn is longing for Quinn after last week’s kiss, but she’s decided to be faithful to Sam and won’t kiss Finn again.

So Finn decides to open a kissing booth so that peer pressure will force Quinn to kiss him. Although this sounds like a moronic plan, it actually works, as Quinn feels compelled to kiss Finn in order to demonstrate to Sam that she’s really over him. (What? If you were a hormone-filled adolescent, I’m sure that would all make sense.) And this is all going on at the same time that Rachel is still pining after Finn.

Meanwhile, Puck is nursing a serious crush on Lauren Tuna, and he chases after her hard. She’s pretty resistant at first, but finally agrees to have a pre-Valentine’s dinner with him at Breadstix. And just in case you were doubting whether Lauren deserved Puck’s attentions, she is the one person to finally call Santana out on being a total bitch. Finally, Blaine tells Kurt that there’s this guy he really likes and wants to pursue for Valentine’s Day. Kurt has a lovely few minutes of thinking that he’s that lucky guy before being told that Blaine’s love interest is really some assistant manager at the Gap.

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