idina menzel glee s1 'Glee' recap: Man, I Was Really Hoping For Jill SobuleI hope nothing important happened in the first five minutes of the episode, because my cable company gave me nothing but a blank screen. Anyway, New Directions and the Troubletones get together to sing some songs to Santana to let her know they still love her even if she is a big lesbian. She’s completely dismissive of Kurt and Blaine’s effort, and Puck’s love song ends up being obviously directed at Shelby, much to Quinn’s chagrin. Finn confronts her, consumed with guilt that his outing her will lead to her suicide, and she appears to forgive him after he sings a lovely cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” to her. And she seems to appreciate it when all the girls of both groups get together to shut down a lesbophobic rugby player who thinks he can be the one to straighten her out. Even her parents are okay with her lady-loving ways. But things go south when she gives a lovely coming out speech to her grandmother and her abuela tells her that she never wants to see her again.

That love song Puck sings in the direction of Shelby pays off when she calls him for help when Beth falls and splits her lip. He parlays an alpha-male performance in front of the doctor into a roll in the hay with Shelby, but she still has enough sense to recognize a horrible mistake after she’s made it and throws him out. Which leads him to the arms of Quinn, who wants to get knocked up again. He talks her out of that, but makes the mistake of confiding in her about his fling with Shelby. From the disgusted look on Quinn’s face, that may come back to bite him some time in the future.

Meanwhile, Sue has decided she needs to start dating a man before her opponent’s ad questioning her sexuality airs, and she sets her eyes on Cooter, Coach Beiste’s new fella. The fact that Coach punched him the one time he tried to hold her hand makes it a lot easier for Sue to make her move. But the Panther finally realizes she needs to show Cooter how she feels, and she vows she won’t go down without a fight.

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