glee christmas 'Glee' recap: Merry Wackmas!I’m not the only one who saw that, right? I mean, it wasn’t just a hallucination caused by sleep deprivation or some bad cold medicine? Okay, assuming I didn’t just imagine it all, here’s what happened:

Sue asks New Directions to join her in volunteering (and singing a song) at the local homeless shelter. They agree, but throw those plans out the window when the local PBS station invites them to create their own Christmas special, with Artie in the director’s chair. Sue’s intermittent faith in humanity is crushed. Formerly homeless Sam and formerly heartless Quinn are also disappointed, and they bow out of the show.

The Christmas special itself is a weird, cracked out recreation of a ’60s era holiday special. Blaine and Kurt host everyone at their mid-century modern Swiss chalet, and every pair that arrives sings their own lovely song. And for some reason, Finn and Puck are dressed as unlicensed Luke Skywalker and Han Solo knockoffs. But the glib paean to commercialism is brought to a screeching halt when Rory (inspired by the example of Sam) pulls a Linus and reads the Christmas story from the Bible. This leads everyone to have a change of heart, and they rush over to the homeless shelter in time for the most condescending and insulting musical performance this show has ever seen. (And that’s a pretty high bar.) I mean, really, singing “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to a bunch of homeless people? That’s just wrong.

The other tiny plot is that Rachel is disgustingly insistent that Finn get her some fancy, expensive presents for Christmas. She rejects his initial gift of a pig that will feed a hungry African family, but Rory’s Bible message gets through to her, and she and Finn decide to return the fancy gifts they buy each other and donate the cash to the needy.

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