glee 'Glee' recap: Michael, Michael, MichaelThe girls of the Troubletones are upset that they missed their chance to perform the songs of Michael Jackson, so New Directions decides to prepare some more MJ for Regionals. But they don’t count on Blaine stupidly spilling the beans to Sebastian, who convinces the Warblers to steal New Directions’ thunder by singing some MJ before their rivals can. The two groups decide to settle things with the second gayest musical rumble ever filmed, which Sebastian ends by slushying Blaine. Unfortunately, this particular slushy scratches Blaine’s cornea, necessitating surgery. This leads to an enraged group of teen singers (Artie in particular) looking for ways to get revenge. Kurt convinces Santana that violence is not the way to go, so she cleverly tapes a recorder to her underboob and records a confession from Sebastian in which he admits to putting rock salt in the slushy. But Kurt decides that even getting Sebastian expelled is too much (allegedly because he wants to beat Sebastian, not just get even with him), so he invites the Warblers to McKinley to be sung to. And New Directions is so good that all the Warblers but Sebastian joining them on stage.

And a few other minor things happen. Mercedes and Sam kiss. Quinn gets admitted to Yale. Kurt is a finalist for the fictional theater school. Rachel, who’s already reeling from Finn’s unexpected proposal, doesn’t hear from said school when Kurt does, leading to lots of tears. And to her accepting Finn’s proposal. (Yes, you read that right. Stupid teenagers.) And then, at the very end, Rachel gets her stupid letter telling her she’s a finalist. Whatever will she do?

Featuring a ****load of Michael Jackson (or Jackson Five) songs, including: “Bad,” performed by New Directions and the Warblers; “Ben, performed by Kurt, Rachel, and Finn; “Black or White,” performed by New Directions; “Human Nature,” performed by Mercedes and Sam; “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” performed by Finn and Rachel; “Never Can Say Goodbye,” performed by Quinn; “Scream,” performed by Artie and Mike Chang; “Smooth Criminal,” performed by Sebastian and Santana; and “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’,” performed by Blaine and the New Directions.

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