glee jane lynch 320 'Glee' recap: Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah Nah NahSue Sylvester, having evidently plummeted into an abyss of depression after her nationwide humiliation at the hands of that wretched hag Diane Sawyer, attempts to overdose on an entire jar of Vitamin A gummy tablets, prompting an intervention from Will and Emma, who suggest she sit in on a few glee club sessions in order to regain a sense of purpose in her life, or something like that. Of course, Sue’s evident depression and subsequent failed OD are both just part of a dastardly plot on her part to infiltrate New Directions so she might destroy the group from within, primarily by playing upon the children’s insecurities to set them at each others’ throats. She initially targets Mercedes and Rachel, and at first, everything seems to be going according to plan. Unfortunately, Mercedes and Rachel’s ensuing Battle Of The Divas ends up gifting each young lady with a newfound appreciation for the other’s talents, so Sue eventually drops the sad-sack routine to inform Will she’s taken a part-time position as Aural Intensity’s mentor, so the two groups’ impending showdown at Regionals promises to be interesting, to say the very least.

Meanwhile, Lady Lips Von Bieberhausen has been harboring many, many doubts about the stability of his relationship with Quinn in the wake of last week’s mononucleosis-related hijinks, so he brainstorms for a bit and reaches the obvious conclusion that no adolescent female can resist the siren call of the original Biebs himself. To that end, he forms a one-man Justin Bieber tribute band he calls — wait for it — “The Justin Bieber Experience” and, within seconds of debuting his new act in the music room, he’s got every single one of The Glee Gals pelting him with underwear. Artie, Puck and Gaylord Weiner quickly decide they want in on the action, mainly because their significant others have fallen into a predictable post-Valentine’s slump as far as their interest in romance is concerned, and the wild success of the Bieb-tastic quartet soon has the various members of every relevant couple dry-humping each other again just like the Good Lord intended.

Well, except for Puck and Lauren, of course, because Lauren’s still playing hard-to-get. She does, however, enlist Puck’s aid in helping her overcome an uncharacteristic bit of stage fright before her very first solo glee club performance. Armed with a particularly sage bit of advice from her besotted would-be paramour, Lauren proceeds to unleash an enthusiasm so infectious during her rendition of an early-’80s classic that the number proves to be one of the evening’s highlights. Especially when she motorboats Artie.

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