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While “Feud” is a perfectly decent episode of “Glee,” the episode also demonstrates everything problematic about the show as a whole. Every one of the many, many stories woven together in a complicated, lumpy tapestry made up of both a reasonable plot and sheer insanity.

High-class gigolos and the actual class of Santana

Life is complicated in New York City. It also makes sense only intermittently. Essentially, sense and logic are embodied by one person: Santana (Naya Rivera). Everyone and everything else is nutty.

First of all, we have the pregnancy false alarm. Rachel (Lea Michele) was going to have to face the consequence of her actions — and those consequences could have been disastrous. Now… Not so much. She’s just got boy problems. Again.

Santana calls it perfectly: “Rachel, you can’t just blow past this like nothing ever happened.”

Substitute “Rachel” with “Glee,” and you have my biggest complaint about this show over the past several years. This is a show that regularly blows past inconvenient plots like they never happened. It’s a flaw, one that may slowly destroy the show completely.

Despite what she says, Santana is too busy to dwell. She has to go harass Brody (Dean Geyer). That’s because Brody is some sort of high-class gigolo. Based on the musical number surrounding this big reveal, there are a lot of rich NYC ladies desperate to have affairs with hot guys. Sure. Why not?

This odd plot leads to Santana channeling a combo of Paula Abdul and Mimi from “Rent” in her big number. This number is so great that it also gives us one of the best “Glee” quotes ever:

“Did you confront him at NYADA with a Paula Abdul song?”

In the end, Santana’s detective work and desperation eventually bring about a moment in which Brody and Finn (don’t ask how he got to New York so fast — just don’t) trash a hotel room. So there’s that.

Everybody hates Ryder, even when he has a point

Ryder (Blake Jenner), who is busy carrying on a poorly spelled affair via his computer, is a major bad guy throughout much of “Feud.” The problem is, he’s not really doing anything wrong.

We have previously established that Ryder is not the quickest of high school jocks. Is it really a wonder that he has trouble understanding whether he should call Wade/Unique (Alex Newell) a boy or a girl? It is a confusing issue, after all.

At least he figures out the truth that works with New Directions before the end of the episode. Ryder is kind of useless as a villain. He can’t even figure out that his unseen Internet girlfriend might not be real.

Let’s just give up on logic and Sue Sylvester ever meeting again

In reality, this episode would end with Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) being arrested for credit card fraud, assault, forgery and harassment. But reality doesn’t exist in the same universe as Sue these days.

On the plus side, this alternate universe of Sue Sylvester eventually leads to a middle-aged woman dancing around under black lights while wearing a pink body-suit. Who needs reality when you’ve got that?

Still, is it a good idea for Sue/Nicki Minaj to point out that inconsistency cannot stand? Or to even mention something called the real world?

“In the real world, there are commitments. And you are only as good as your word.”

Oh right, Finn and Will

Before you go making Will Schuster (Matthew Morrison) into the bad guy here, keep in mind that this is pretty much a one-sided feud. Finn (Cory Monteith) kissed Emma (Jayma Mays). Since this contributed to the wedding fiasco and a runaway bride, I’d say Will is pretty justified in his anger.

There’s just no amount of boy-band performance that can change this. But I have to admit that the attempt was a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

In other news vaguely related to the Will-Finn feud… FINN HAS AN OFFICE??? Doesn’t this high school have space issues? Whatever. Finn leaves that office to trash New York hotels and apparently go to teacher’s college.

Did the “Feud” episode of “Glee” work for you?

Posted by:Laurel Brown