glee heather morris 320 'Glee' recap: Sugar HighIt’s another insane holiday at McKinley High. This time, it’s Valentine’s Day. Finn and Rachel get ambushed by her two dads, who have learned about the engagement (through a Kurt to Burt to Carole to Gay Dads connection), and are actually supportive. So we weren’t wrong — they have always been the worst parents in the world. Now that all their parents know, Finn and Rachel tell the rest of the glee club about their upcoming nuptials, leading to a definite schism between those who realize that this is a moronic idea and those who are willing to support this moronic idea. Except it’s all an evil plot by all of the parents, who throw the two kids into instant domesticity by inviting them to sleep together. The resulting intimacy causes them to fight, but then they stupidly decide they’re ready for marriage anyway. So they decide to get married in May. Stupid parents.

Sugar Motta is having a huge V-Day bash, but no singletons are allowed to attend. Rory and Artie both decide that they’ll ask Sugar to her own party, and they start pitching woo. Rory is clearly better at the romantic stuff, until Artie wows Sugar with a song. But then Rory claims to have been denied an extension on his student visa, and uses Sugar’s natural sympathy to gain the upper hand, winning the coveted invitation to be Sugar’s date. Except that it’s clearly a lie.

Santana and Brit-Brit are also celebrating Valentine’s Day — right up until the Maharishi busts them for an innocent kiss. Sick of the double standard that lets Finn and Rachel swap spit whenever and wherever they want to, Santana challenges the Christian Club (made up of Mercedes, Quinn, Sam, and Glee Project co-winner Samuel) to deliver a musical valentine to Brit (a service the club is providing to raise funds). Which leads to an absolutely cracktastic discussion of religious views of gayness. But of course the God Squad comes around, and sings the song at Sugar’s party.

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