glee 'Glee' recap: Tenderness? Subtlety? What Have They Done To Our Show?So, you know how we all thought this was going to be the West Side Story episode, which would mean big drama? It turns out that the show has finally produced an episode full of tenderly wrought emotion, intimate scenes, and genuine subtlety. I know, right? Did someone drug the writers? Or take their drugs away?

Anyway, it really is time for the musical, so we spend a fair amount of time watching rehearsals, and finish with some actual performance moments. Artie is convinced that Blaine and Rachel can’t convey passion on the stage because they’ve never experience passion in their own lives. Rachel, ever ambitious, decides this means she should finally have sex with Finn. But he realizes that she’s doing it for the stage, not for him, and gets mad at her. So then she puts it to a committee made up of Quinn, Santana, Brit-Brit, and Tina to help her decide if she should go for the sex or keep waiting. Quinn, Santana, and Brit all make her think that she would regret it, so she decides to wait. And then Tina tells a lovely, completely sex-positive story about her first time. So at the end of the episode, after the show and after he learns that he won’t be recruited by Ohio State, she and Finn finally have sex.

Blaine doesn’t take Artie’s acting tips to heart, deciding that he’s content to keep waiting with Kurt. Kurt, however, seems a little more eager to move things along. But stuff doesn’t really happen until Blaine pays a visit to the Warblers, where a new transfer student wastes no time in pursuing our favorite dreamboat. Blaine’s clearly intrigued, but tells Sebastian (the vicious interloper’s name) that he has a boyfriend. Sebastian doesn’t seem to mind, and he even invites Kurt and Blaine to join him at Scandals, West Lima’s only gay bar. The show really captures the small-town gay bar feel, as well as the combination of fear and exhilaration that comes with a kid’s first visit to the local gay bar. While Blaine gets drunk (on one beer) and dances with Sebastian, Kurt hangs at the bar and runs into… Max Karofsky! Karofsky has apparently transferred to a new school for his senior year, and seems genuinely happy living a closeted life at school while spending the occasional evening at the gay watering hole. And Kurt seems, if not happy, at least content to see Karofsky and put the bullying behind him. Blaine drunkenly tries to get Kurt to have sex with him in the back seat of Kurt’s car, causing Kurt to get pretty pissed off. But at the end of the episode, after the show, Kurt invites himself over to Blaine’s house, where they make sweet love.

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