glee heather morris 320 'Glee' recap: The 'F' Stands For 'Freaking Awesome'!Usually when this show tries to do an emotional episode, it’s a complete disaster. But tonight they knocked it out of the park. Okay, in no particular order, the following things happen:

First, Brittany S. Pierce kicks off her girl-power campaign for Senior Class President with an amazing singing and dancing extravaganza at a pep rally. That throws Kurt into a tailspin of despair. But he pulls out of his dive long enough to recognize that Blaine will make an ideal Tony in West Side Story, so we don’t have to resent him for being a spiteful jerk.

Second, Will is concerned that the fact that Emma hasn’t introduced him to her parents is a sign that she’s somehow embarrassed to be with him. What he doesn’t realize is that she’s actually secretly embarrassed by her parents. We learn that she has good reason to be ashamed of them when Will invites them to dinner and learns that they’re racist ginger supremacists who do nothing but undermine Emma’s mental health. But at least Will comes to Emma’s defense and calls them on their ****. Because what she really needs is a man to fix her.

Third, Mike Chang is in trouble with his father for having received an A- in chemistry. Mr. Chang wants him to drop out of New Directions, because it’s taking too much of his time and isn’t the kind of activity that will get him into Harvard. But Mike secretly defies his father’s wishes — he not only stays in New Directions, but he auditions for West Side Story. And he nails it, earning the role of Biff. He also learns that his mother secretly dreamt of dancing, and that she’ll support him in following his own dreams instead of his father’s.

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