glee jane lynch 320 'Glee' recap: Third Verse, Same As The FirstWelcome back, fellow Gleeks! It’s a brand-new year at McKinley High, bringing lots of changes. Trouty Mouth, a.k.a. Sam, has left the school. Lauren Tuna, a.k.a. Lauren Zizes, has quit the glee club because it was damaging her coolness factor. And Quinn, a.k.a. Christian Barbie, has turned into Rizzo from Grease, complete with pink hair and nose ring. However, unlike Rizzo, she has no interest in singing, and quits New Directions. And even Santana’s pleas of Cheerio solidarity can’t get her to change her mind. Oh, and Will and Emma have apparently moved in together.

In terms of actual plot, there are four stories. First, and as always, New Directions has to recruit more members. Unfortunately, Will’s harebrained scheme of placing purple pianos around school only attracts one auditioner, who turns out to have the musical sensibility of a howler monkey. and because she can’t dance as well as Mike Chang, Will is forced to give her the boot.

In addition, Sue is running for Congress in a special election. She decides that her main platform will be opposition to public funding for the arts in schools. Since she’s decided to declare war on the arts, Will decides he has no choice but to declare war on her, and he turns into a gay activist, glitter-bombing her at Cheerios tryouts. This causes Sue to renew her attempts to obliterate the glee club, and she orders Santana to destroy the purple pianos. After Santana lights one piano on fire, Will demonstrates his testicular fortitude for the third time in the episode by ejecting Santana from New Directions.

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