kurt promqueen 320 'Glee' recap: You Call That A Prom?So, that was kind of a hot mess of interlocking storylines. Rather than try to deconstruct it all into some semblance of order, let’s just take it couple-by-couple, shall we?

Sue and Will. Okay, they’re not a couple, except in some very disturbing fanfic. Will’s only role in the episode is to learn that Figgins wants the Glee Club to provide the music for prom, and to convey that message to the club. And Sue’s only role is to supervise the prom.

Rachel and Jesse. Yeah, you read it right — Jesse’s back. He flunked out of the University of California — Los Angeles (you may have heard of it — it’s in Los Angeles) and is back in Ohio. He seems to want to pursue something with Rachel, but she’s not ready to trust him. So they decide to attend the prom as part of a group, along with…

Sam and Mercedes. She wants to feel like a princess at the prom. He’s poor. They dance together. That’s about it.

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